Weekend Edition: 8-2

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  • The great forgetting (“And here is one uplifting aspect of ageing: our stories of self get better.”)
  • How Did Bob Dylan Get So Weird? (“On a good night he makes some of his best-known songs unrecognizable, and on a bad one you come out wondering what it was, exactly, you’ve just seen.”)

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I can’t even remember what it was I came here to get away from

Bob Dylan, “Not Dark Yet,” Time Out of Mind

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  • Back when Karl Mundt and E.Y. Berry were alive and well in SD, the SD GOP sent a train around the state with some of their candidates. I passed out a bit of satire titled something like “Back Track for Progress”. Inside were hookum speech titles. I had Mundt speaking on “Sex in South Dakota Old Peoples Homes.”

    The MC of the farce held up the brochure I had slopped together about half-way through the program and announced that is was not actually Republican information. He then looked at the disclaimer I had on it and said, “By Douglas Wiken”. Mr. Wiken can get a ride on the train (from Vermillion to Meckling). Well, I had never been on train ride, so I took him up on the deal. There were some mightly cold stares from the GOP passengers. EY Berry locked himself in a private compartment. The wife of the USD President (Moulton I think) was a bleached blond rabid Republican. It was obvious that my brochure had been printed on the USD offset. Early on Monday morning of next week there was a notice posted in the print shop area, “No political information can be printed here.” It wasn’t free printing in any case. Sorry about this diversion. It was a lot of fun at the time and USD’s response was also interesting.