Weekend Edition: 8-23

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  • I’ve got some stuff coming up that will make posting even less regular, including the Weekend Edition

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  • Conversations with the Dead (“I know that on a page somewhere on my shelves, staring down at me now, is the question I’m struggling with today, put into words long ago, perhaps, by someone who could not have known of my existence.”)
  • Witness (“All told, she had seen 278 inmates put to death.”)

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Optimism sounds exhausting.

“Wally,” Dilbert, Aug. 16, 2014

2 comments to Weekend Edition: 8-23

  • John

    I regret that your postings may become less regular. Although we disagree on such “minor” issues as politics and religion, we do share a love for reading and for the wonders to be found in books. I believe that we also share the joy that is created by simply holding a beautiful book in one’s hands . Your links often lead to greatly interesting sites.

    I hope that what draws you away is good and that you can soon resume regular and frequent postings. John

    • Tim

      It is good and there is an off chance I may be able to post. I’m just not sure so that’s why the heads up. I appreciate your continued reading. Books tend to allow us to transcend differences in other areas.