Praying for strippers is better if you have their picture

A Washington state man filed a public records request to obtain the personal information of strippers at a Tacoma strip club, information that includes not only their name and address but their stage names, pictures and physical description. But he says he has good reason to get the information — it will let him “pray […]

Weekend Edition: 10-25

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The truth about evil (“But our leaders cannot admit the narrow limits of their power. They cannot accept that by removing one kind of evil they may succeed only in bringing about another – anarchy instead of tyranny, Islamist popular theocracy instead of secular dictatorship.”)

Pro Se Litigant Argument […]

Cruise Capsule – Part 1

I know, I’ve been back a month and promised to post something on my Panama Canal trip. Well, life happens. So here’s a recap of our adventure.

San Francisco — One of my wife’s favorite cities, we did our usual after arriving — a fresh seafood dinner and Green Apple Books. Clearly, the highlight of […]

Weekend Edition: 10-18

Bulletin Board

Actual posts coming this week, I promise, as I still struggle to achieve what another book blogger calls “sustainable blogging habits”

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

Bat Boy, Hillary Clinton’s Alien Baby, and a Tabloid’s Glorious Legacy (“Though credibility is not a concern for WWN, certain editorial needs must be met. Namely, […]

Weekend Edition: 10-11

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

The Moral Dilemma We Face in the Age of Humans (“From the standpoint of human origins, the starting point in thinking about the Age of Humans or the Anthropocene is that we live in the world by altering it.”)

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Jennifer Lawrence Shames Nude-Photo Thieves, […]