The Vatican’s time machine?

It had to be true. After all, it was there in black and white in La Domenica del Corriere (“Courier Sunday”), a long-established weekly news magazine: “Invented: a machine that photographs the past.” Not only was there a diagram of the machine but a photograph of an ancient event — the face of Jesus Christ […]

An astronomer helped fake Britain’s first UFO contactee story

Kenneth Arnold could never have imagined the consequences when he reported seeing nine shiny objects flying rapidly past Mount Rainier on June 24, 1947. He told reporters the next day that they flew “like a saucer if you skip it across the water.” The “flying saucer” age was underway, ceaselessly barreling ahead to this day.


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Sadly, Hatred is Very Much American (“Americans don’t have to be ‘carefully taught’” to hate. Historically, it’s been inherent, one generation after another. The only change has been the target.”)

Blog Headlines of the Week

Roger Stone Quit Paying His Taxes Because DEEP STATE ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Is What You Say […]

Loco Lawsuits: You Made Me Go to Law School

Law school can be tough on a person. Just ask Georgia lawyer Jeffrey Duncan. In 2005, he sued another Georgia lawyer, Daniel Klein, for malpractice. Among other things, Duncan wanted damages for the cost and emotional distress of attending law school.

Duncan’s saga began in 1991 when he went to work for a subsidiary of […]

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Dr. Strangelove shows up in COVID-19 anti-vax idiocy The role magic played in the development of early Christianity Woogans: vegans who believe in “woo-woo” ideas Just in case you need to find a Pastafarian Why we listen to sad music Medieval pandemic cures The misinformation virus The lost cosmonaut conspiracy theory Prince Philip […]