Weekend Edition: 8-28

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Afghanistan Will Be What It Always Was (“But our greatest failure [in Afghanistan] was not understanding and challenging ourselves.”)

Headline of the Week

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Joins Fellow Republicans in Quest to Kill Her Constituents

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Online Trolls Actually Just Assholes […]

A Selective History of Eating Those Words

Where and when the phrase “You’ll eat those words,” the standard idiom to suggest something said or written will be retracted, originated is unknown. As far back as the Book of Revelation, John of Patmos must eat a book held by an angel. A book of proverbs printed at Cambridge University in 1670 contained the […]

Weekend Edition: 8-21

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Nothing I Learned As A Historian Over 45 Years Prepared Me For This Moment (“But a mass cult built around an old man known for lying and grifting who bronzes his face each day? Didn’t see that happening. Nor did I anticipate that tens of millions would refuse a […]

Pope Pius XII’s Perfidious Physician

More than 60 years after his death, debate still surrounds the action or inaction of Pope Pius XII during the Holocaust. Echoes of controversy that arose upon his death have receded, though. That’s the uproar caused by the actions of the pope’s personal physician.

Born Eugenio Pacelli in Rome in 1876, Pius XII held several […]

Weekend Edition: 8-14

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubez

How the Pandemic Now Ends (“Vaccines remain the best way for individuals to protect themselves, but societies cannot treat vaccines as their only defense.”)

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What exactly is stupidity? How to tell your child about the end of the world Historians can’t leave the teaching of history to […]