Panning my favorite books

For years, this blog’s had a page for what I call my Desert Island Books. It’s a take-off on BBC radio’s “Desert Island Discs,” where guests pick the eight recordings they’d want with them if stranded on a desert island.

I’m well aware of how opinions of books can vary. You know, one person’s treasure […]

Weekend Edition: 8-7

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubez

Sell This Book! (“The point of a library is to preserve, and in order to preserve, a library must own.”)

Blog Headline of the Week

I Appreciate When Men Interrupt Me Even If I’m Trying To Tell Them There’s A Fire

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Why do we have to die? […]

A Bible hoax that won’t die

Between 1879 and 1896, the Rev. William D. Mahan, a minister in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, published three tracts of previously unknown contemporary accounts of Jesus Christ’s life. There’s virtually unanimous agreement that his work is a fraud, and Mahan’s Presbytery suspended him for falsehood and plagiarism. Still, the last version, The Archko Volume, is […]