Addiction taking precedence over blogging — and many other things

Okay, I’m addicted. And that’s the reason things have been sparse around here lately.

What am I addicted to? NHL Center Ice. In eight of the last 10 days or so, I’ve spent anywhere from two to four hours a night watching hockey on TV. The two days I missed were because I was at […]

Seems like a $50 million salary package draws attention

Each year, The Hockey News publishes what it calls it’s “Bucks and Pucks” issue. This year’s edition hits newsstands next week with former Stampede player Thomas Vanek on the cover. According to The Hockey News, the cover story “examin[es] what life is like for Buffalo Sabres left-winger Thomas Vanek after his new contract makes him […]

Hockey on the horizon

In those immortal words, “and now for something completely different,” the leaves turning and fall in the air means one thing — it’s almost hockey season.

My online hockey fantasy league had its draft last night. Among other places, we’ve got guys from Southern California, the UK and Canada. Having randomly been selected to get […]

Finishing the check

One of the purposes of checking in hockey is to disrupt your opponent’s play. The front office of the NHL’s Dallas Stars apparently decided to take a cue from its players and to put a few body checks in their advertising for the upcoming season. Here’s what two of the billboards the Stars have up […]

Wonderful early hockey news

A letter I opened when I got home tonight really pumped up my spirits. It started: “We are pleased to inform you that your application was selected for tickets to the 2008 NCAA Men’s Frozen Four at the Pepsi Center in Denver.”

While I won’t know the specific seats until March, I at least have […]