Random weekend grumps

Between trying to get caught up after being gone for several weeks (nearly 700 e-mails at work) and the cold/crud that has been dragging me down for a week now, I remain rather unfocused when it comes to blogs and newspapers. Moreover, even though I’ve managed to get a number of reviews drafted, these factors […]

My podcast rant

A brief discussion today on SD Public Radio‘s Computer Guys call-in show brings this about. That’s because one of the guys on the program voiced exactly what I’ve been thinking.

Everyone is going on and on about “podcasts” and “podcasting.” The fact of the matter is this is nothing more than downloading an mp3 file. […]

School fundraising

Time to rant about something that sets me off about this time every year.

I have two daughters in high school athletics this year. At the fall sports meeting last night, the dreaded “fundraiser” arose like a zombie from hell. In fact, two zombies from hell.

Long story short, I now have two teenage girls […]

Tracks takes my check on “hiatus”

It seems like every year, one of my kids brings home a magazine subscription “fundraiser” from school. I always viewed it as an excuse to try add one or more magazines to the omnipresent “To Read” list. This year, I opted for Tracks, a magazine purporting to “help experienced, sophisticated listeners navigate a complicated musical […]

Rants in a minor key

More rants, labeled as being in a minor key because they are relatively minor. Still, they be buggin’ me.

Bush says domestic spending — except defense and national security– needs to be frozen or cut. This seems to point to gaps in my religious education. I recall discussion of feeding the hungry, caring for the […]