Biweekly Edition: 1-29

For a variety of reasons (including laziness), Weekend Edition will appear every two weeks, hence, Biweekly Edition.

Best Blog Headline

Theologians were paid to think about alien life. I’d rather they watch ‘Spaceballs.’

Most “No Kidding?” Research Result

Social Media Is Impacting Young People’s Mental Health, New Research Shows

You Could Have Fooled Me

“As […]

Weekend Edition: 1-8

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

Considering Jan. 6 and what the Republican Party wants to be (“[M]y state is becoming a place I no longer recognize. And not a better place.”)

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The January 6 coup attempt and Christian nationalism and conservative Christian religions The 2021 Word of the Year is “insurrection” (a […]

Weekend Edition: New Year’s 2022

I’d say good riddance to 2021 but I live where people exercise their “freedumb” believing masks violate their “right to liberty,” not others’ “right to life”

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An annotated Emancipation Proclamation The five stages of anti-vax angst Signifying bullshit The year’s six weirdest conspiracy theories

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Happy Public Domain Day Only one of […]

Weekend Edition: Xmas 2021

Nothing Christmas-related. For that, see my traditional heathen’s greetings.

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The whoppers of 2021 Related, our country has millions of friggin’ idiots The rise and fall of rationality in language

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Do modern students feel burdened by actual books? The ultimate best books of 2021 list The most scathing book reviews of 2021 […]

Weekend Edition: 12-18

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubez

Level The Playing Field For Religion and Civil Rights (“[T]he struggle for equality in America has been long, uphill, and brutal. And among its biggest obstacles have been those who have claimed to be acting in the name of God.”) Gorsuch’s Crusade Against Vaccine Mandates Could Topple a Pillar […]