Biweekly Edition: 2-26

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You just can’t tell the truth about America anymore Grain’s impact on World War I There’s no “we” in baptism The etymology of “god” How to summon a demon Tbilisi’s underground city The jackalope, which keeps watch over local bars, tourist traps, junk shops, greasy spoon diners and dimly lit pool halls

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Biweekly Edition: 2-12

Headlines of the Week

What to Watch on Super Bowl Sunday That Isn’t the Goddamn Super Bowl (not a fan of their options but…) Drunk priest ‘mistakenly’ slaughters human instead of goat; arrested

Nonbookish Linkage

Further proof that we’re a nation of ignoramuses How slavery was written out of the Declaration of Independence One billion […]

Biweekly Edition: 1-29

For a variety of reasons (including laziness), Weekend Edition will appear every two weeks, hence, Biweekly Edition.

Best Blog Headline

Theologians were paid to think about alien life. I’d rather they watch ‘Spaceballs.’

Most “No Kidding?” Research Result

Social Media Is Impacting Young People’s Mental Health, New Research Shows

You Could Have Fooled Me

“As […]