A comic reflection of society

Although I knew they existed, I recently rediscovered sites like The Digital Comic Museum that make available, for free, public domain Golden Age comics. In the last few weeks I’ve spent far more hours than I should have downloading and reading various comics. One thing that’s clear, they do reflect the society of the day.


Book Review: Comic Books and the Cold War, 1946-1962, edited by Chris and Rafiel York

As David Hadju documents in his excellent examination of comic books in the 1940s and 1950s, The Ten-Cent Plague, adults saw the genre as contributing to juvenile delinquency and even subverting American values. This uproar, which included U.S. Senate hearings, led to the creation of the Comic Codes Authority in 1954. Yet even before the […]

A lifelong symbol disappears

Just shy of two years older than me, a symbol I’ve known all my life is disappearing. It’s the little thing on the cover of all the comic books I bought in my life, the stamp that read, “Approved by the Comics Code Authority.”

The Comics Code Authority stemmed in large part from Congressional hearings […]