Celebrate an upcoming world premiere – buy the DVD

It took a while (and more work than I can probably imagine) but Unplanned Democracy, the documentary about South Dakota’s 2006 abortion ban vote written and directed by Denise Ross, has its world premiere Saturday at the South Dakota Film Festival. Given that South Dakotans face another abortion vote in November, the premiere is timely.


An American madrassa

It is unquestionably the most frightening movie I have seen in years. It actually bordered on making me feel physically ill. This isn’t some gory horror movie or some graphic war footage. It is the Oscar-nominated documentary Jesus Camp.

The film takes us inside the homes and churches of children from Missouri who end up […]

An Inconvenient Truth

While on the first “college shopping” trip with my middle daughter, we saw An Inconvenient Truth, the documentary of Al Gore’s mission to convince others that humans are responsible for global warming. There’s a few obvious problems with it but overall it is convincing and deserving of the praise it has received thus far.

The […]