Author values profits over literacy

It is rather stunning. Terry Deary is a children’s author whose books were the seventh most borrowed from British libraries last year. Yet his view of libraries is that “no one has an entitlement to read a book for free, at the expense of the author, the publisher and the … tax payer.” According to […]

2012 in books — By the numbers

It was an amazing year for reading, which I attribute not only to our “empty nest” but that I stayed with my nonresolution to read what I want when I wanted. I read only 19 review copies this year, compared to 36 last year. Ultimately, I read far more books this year than ever before.


E-books, libraries and instant gratification

In its latest look at libraries in the digital age, the Pew Internet Project last week released a report on libraries, library users and e-books. The study confirms some of what I’ve been thinking about e-books lately and the continuing technological draw of instant gratification.

Perhaps the lead item in the study was that 58% […]

The addiction grows, electronically

I have far, far, far too many books on my TBR shelves. When I last looked, I had about 100 books on my Nook Color (although a number of them are public domain editions of classics that I intend to read “some day”). So what did I do today? I bit on an offer to […]

An updated snapshot of the book-buying public

A survey conducted by an advertising firm at the end of last year seeks to give us a picture of book buying in America. I can’t vouch for the statistical validity of the internet-based survey, which had 2,200 respondents, It claims to have a 1.5 percent margin of error.

So what did the survey results […]