Book Review: Blood Brothers (2006)

When Time magazine reporter Michael Weisskopf went to Iraq to do a cover story on the U.S. soldier as Time‘s “Person of the Year” for 2003, he came back with the story of a lifetime. Problem is, it wasn’t the cover story. It was a story that came from losing his right hand to a […]

Book Review: The Prince of the Marshes (2006)

Governments, projects and businesses tend to fear insider accounts. That’s because being on the inside means access to even the most damaging information. Yet what can be even more revealing is an insider account by someone who isn’t really an insider.

That may not have been what Rory Stewart set out to accomplish with The […]

Boy, things are going well now!

Knight-Ridder released this Friday but I didn’t see it until it was in the Argus this morning:

BAGHDAD, Iraq – The United States is steadily losing ground to the Iraqi insurgency, according to every key military yardstick.

A Knight Ridder analysis of U.S. government statistics shows that through all the major turning points that […]

Worth the time (WMD edition)

David Corn: Bush’s Spin Goes On. Andy Borowitz: Bush Accuses Saddam of Telling the Truth. The Poor Man compares and contrasts WMDs with Rathergate. (Via Daily Kos). Editor & Publisher notes a common thread in the WMD issue and Rathergate: “Neither scandal would have ever happened if journalists had done a better job at […]

Iraq and the “War on Terror”

Kids’ activities have me running behind on various things so here’s a little catch up on a couple items on Iraq and the “War on Terror.”

Bush and Cheney are giving Kerry hell for insulting our hand-picked Iraqi leader, Allawi, by saying Allawi is putting the “best face” on things in his country. But let’s […]