Losing out with judicial elections

During Tuesday’s primary, voters in my judicial circuit (two counties) will see a “nonpolitical” ballot for Circuit Court judge, the state’s trial court level. We will choose which two of three candidates will face each other in one of the two contested races for judge in the circuit in the November election. (There’s only two […]

Why I support Amendment A – Part II

As noted in the prior Amendment A post, my support comes from a belief judicial elections are not the best way to select the most qualified circuit court judges. There’s a number of reasons why.

Quite frankly, it takes guts to run against a sitting judge. While I think it extremely rare retribution would occur, […]

Why I support Amendment A – Part I

With the election a month away, the articles, panels and letters have started on Amendment A. While I don’t think the “activist judges” argument flies in South Dakota, there’s certainly arguments on both sides.

In the hopes of encouraging debate and discussion, I’m going to relate my views in two separate posts. A preface and […]

Amendment A ignorance

Whether it’s inherent in the religious right, an outsider’s lack of knowledge or both, there was a huge display of ignorance at the LifeLight christian music festival in Sioux Falls. The Argus Leader reports today that religious right broadcaster James Dobson urged attendees to vote against Amendment A on November’s ballot because it will result […]