Weekend Edition: 8-7

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Sell This Book! (“The point of a library is to preserve, and in order to preserve, a library must own.”)

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I Appreciate When Men Interrupt Me Even If I’m Trying To Tell Them There’s A Fire

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Why do we have to die? […]

Weekend Edition: 7-31

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubez

Hard-Rock Existentialism: The Megalith As A Beach-Head Of Being (“Monoliths, and objects like them, …. [are] a testament to the fact that whoever carved and placed them was, like you, faced with the impossible task of trying to make sense of it all, to make meaning in a meaningless […]

Weekend Edition: 7-24 (+1)

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubez

The New COVID Panic (“Even with these very effective vaccines, there are still going to be infections—herd immunity is a long game, not a short one—and some of those infections are going to be severe. There are even going to be a very small percentage of vaccinated people who […]

Weekend Edition: 7-17

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We Could Have Changed the World (“The pandemic laid bare the speed at which societal change can occur when the threat is big enough. Conversely, society’s reopening is revealing just how quickly we can slide back into complacency.”)

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“The South Dakota GOP has wielded […]

Weekend Edition: 7-10

This NHL Season’s Best Headline and Story

The Lightning won the Cup, but we all won, because there’s no more Pierre McGuire (“Fifteen fucking years we lived with this piercing horseshit, making every nationally televised game a chore. It’s over. Raise a glass.”)

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Should the Supreme Court have term limits? Scandals of America’s […]