Weekend Edition: 10-30

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America’s worst right-wingers Shocking: belief in COVID-19 conspiracy theories linked to greater likelihood of contracting the virus Where demons come from “Skull blasting” was a means of creating more relics out of one skull The internet and social media have moved witchcraft online

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What causes the smell of old books? A […]

Weekend Edition: 10-23

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America is ending (“The fights over masks and vaccinations for Covid-19 is an overwhelming measure of intellectual and moral deterioration of the country.”) The Largest Autocracy on Earth (“The freedom to destroy yourself is one thing. The freedom to destroy democratic society is quite another.”)

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A professor’s […]

Weekend Edition: 10-16

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Why America Needs a New Vocabulary to Describe Its Shortcomings (“American society lacks the language to describe itself, and as a result it is incapable of diagnosing and rectifying its own destruction.”)

Headline of the Week

The Trump Presidency Is Still An Active Crime Scene

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A brief […]

Weekend Edition: 10-9

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The more exciting and entertaining a conspiracy theory is, the more likely people are to believe them “For these folks, facts mean nothing“ What if the US didn’t go to war in Afghanistan? The “pro-life” party of death

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Book lovers live longer than non-readers The National Book Award finalists were announced. […]

Weekend Edition: 10-2

Foolishness of the Week

London secondary school bans slang

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Religion-based vaccination exemptions and the undefinable “sincerely held religious belief” But WWJD? What attracts some left-wingers to conspiracy theories? Is the Supreme Court really above partisanship? Early American colonists “imported” women — to make alcohol

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When a book ban battle became violent […]