Other people’s lives

“Live your own life.” How many times have we heard or said that? But yesterday I was reminded of an exception to that rule, albeit in a nonliteral sense.

When I was picking up a couple books from the library, I realized both were biographies. That in and of itself is not unusual. What got […]

How I prepare for winter

Maybe it’s an unconscious mental reaction to the days getting shorter. Maybe it’s like squirrels gathering nuts. Or maybe it’s just a bibliophile’s version of binge eating. Whatever it is, I’ve been on a bender buying books preparing for winter.

Here’s a glimpse of just the last three weeks. I checked out 10 books from […]

Can you read too much?

It’s not hard to guess my answer: impossible!. But evidently some don’t agree — including a librarian.

Circulating heavily in the blogosphere is the story of a library director who told a nine-year-old boy that he “hogs” the library’s annual summer reading event. He’s read 373 books over the last five contests.

In this age […]

Joining the one percent, of sorts

It’s official. Sort of. Earlier this week I got an email from Goodreads this week announcing: “You’re in the top 1% of reviewers on Goodreads!” (Their emphasis, not mine.) But digging around a bit makes me feel I’m still pretty much with my friends in the 99 percent.

First, the email also tells me that […]

Top top 100 books

An ambitious soul on Reddit compiled the information from 11 “Top 100” book lists into a combined master list. The results are interesting. Only three books made 10 of the list and only 26 made it on more than half the lists.

Here’s the books and the number of lists they’ve made. I’ve italicized those […]