Politics and place

I’ve always known my views on social and political issues place me in a minority in South Dakota. But last week I learned that if I want to leave with South Dakotans who more closely share my views, I need to move — to a reservation.

An outfit called Clarity Campaign does political analytics. Among […]

So we’ve got a POV

I figured some other South Dakota blogger might jump on this. As no one appears to be so inclined, I’ll bite.

Seems like we South Dakotans like our point of view in more ways than one. “POV” is the top porn search term in the state, at least in visits to a website called PornHub. […]

Book Review: Infinite West by Fraser Harrison

British travel writer Fraser Harrison knows most travelogues are written with the writer’s home country in mind. He admits, though, that he didn’t necessarily aim Infinite West: Travels in South Dakota at British or other readers. He also is addressing “the people who inhabit the exotic land through which I journeyed.” Although writing as a […]