Think what we tell you or watch out

I know my conservative friends will say these are just rare examples that we like to blow out of proportion. Still, the America of Ashcroft and the Patriot Act ain’t a pretty sight. A few months ago the FBI was out questioning some guy because of what he was reading. Now, they’re out knocking on […]

What if?

I’ve previously ruminated about “what if” Bush had taken a different approach after 9-11 instead of squandering the opportunities it presented. Farai Chideya makes an excellent point on AlterNet:

Progressives/left/liberals/you-name-it must move beyond the politics of opposition, where what’s bad for America is good for the President’s foes. We cannot rely on America’s fortunes continuing […]

Inertia strikes

It has led to a lack of blogging without good reason or excuse. So, let’s just start with a couple recent items that relate to this lurking feeling that we’ve become characters in a science fiction novel.

Revisionism. Josh Marshall, gives us another indication that if what Bush said may cause problems, he simply goes […]