Odds and ends

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  • Q: Why is the Dakota Alliance of Blogs (aka “the circle jerk bloggers”) so fascinated with whether Tom Daschle hugged Michael Moore (an issue they term “Hug Gate”)?

    A: They are morbidly afraid of man-to-man contact, thus their rabid support for the Hate Amendment.

  • my favorite thing about the whole fahrenheit 911/daschle/circle jerk blogger deal is that they were all having a fit about how like, daschle is this super pooper liberal dude who loves moore; trying to tie the movie to daschle and all that. then, one of them saw it and realized what an unflattering light daschle is portrayed in and said this meant he wouldn’t keep his post as minority leader if he’s re-elected. hahaha, WHAT?

    they get so worked up about this stuff that doesn’t matter, and then they get mad at the argus for not reporting things THAT DON’T MATTER.