Recent repairs lead to reduced posting

Return home from back surgery and resulting post-op limitations limit my time sitting at the PC and, hence, reduced frequency in posting for the near future. (Wish I could spring for a laptop and in-house wireless access). Anyway, the up side is plenty of time for reading and DVDs, which, in turn, may lead to a flood of new stuff as sitting restrictions inrease.

UPDATE: Was asked about reading/watching DVDs if I can’t sit. No restrictions on being prone. Hmmm, maybe I should move keyboard and monitor to floor?!?

My brain say’s I’m receiving pain.

“My Iron Lung,” Radiohead, The Bends

4 comments to Recent repairs lead to reduced posting

  • Fwiw, You might want to look at a dictation program called Dragon Speaking. I have been this program for a couple of months now and it is truly amazing. It’s a bit pricy but with a bit of practice, you could almost throw away your keyboard and blog from bed. God luck with your recovery.

  • PP

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery from the SD War College.

  • Hope you recover soon so you can get back to regular blogging. It hasn’t been the same with my daily update from your blog. My dad had the same surgery a few years back, so I know it can be tough. But I imagine you cannot wait to get back to DEHS!