Nomination info sources

There are some basically nonpartisan sources of information out there as the Alito nomination moves through the process. From my standpoint, two of the best are How Appealing and SCOTUSblog.

The former is run by Howard Bashman and is devoted largely to providing links to stories and information on appellate litigation. As a result, it has extensive links to coverage and information on Alito. The latter contains blog links to views regarding the Alito nomination but is devoted more substantively to what is going on at the Supreme Court on a daily basis. Rather than being a one-man operation, SCOTUSblog has a variety of well-qualified contributors.

For a while SCOTUSblog had a companion blog devoted exclusively to the John Roberts nomination. A month ago, that blog was rolled back into SCOTUSblog and there’s no indication yet if the nomination blog will be resurrected.

UPDATE: Howard Bashman was kind enough to link to this post even though I inaccurately referred to him has Howard “Fineman” originally. That’s why I need to quit doing these things over the lunch hour. My apologies to Mr. Bashman and his site still ranks up there as a key source for keeping up to date on not only the Alito nomination but anything dealing with appellate litigation.

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