Mostly bookish catch up marginalia

  • OMG, is Opus gay ?!?!? ( Via .)
  • Although it only slightly reduces the withdrawal pain, Not The Daily Show sheds light on the core issue in the television writer’s strike. There’s also, of course, a Colbert retort .
  • Whether it’s further evidence for my illiterati status or that I should discontinue by NYT Book Review subscription, only four of the large number of books I read this year made this year’s Review list of the 100 Notable Books , two each from the fiction and nonfiction lists.
  • I’m far from a fan of e-book readers but even less a fan of this attitude (from the Newsweek cover story on Amazon’s Kindle): “Publishers are resisting the idea of charging less for e-books. ‘I’m not going along with it,’ says Penguin’s Peter Shanks of Amazon’s low price for [e versions of] best sellers.” Let’s see, what is it about reduced printing and transportation costs that doesn’t justify a reduced price?
  • But is the Kindle leading Amazon to eliminate some discounts on paperbacks?
  • Norman Mailer continues to win awards, even posthumously. And while this one isn’t quite as prestigious, perhaps he’d have found humor in it. Mailer received the annual “ Bad Sex in Fiction ” award for a various passages out of The Castle in the Forest .
  • As long as I’m going on about books, last Friday’s edition of NPR’s On The Media focused on books. If you missed the show, it’s available here .
  • Last but not least, blogs and conspiracy theories .

Some may have, and some may not
God, I’m thankful for what I got

“Backs Turned Looking Down The Path,” Warren Zevon

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