Blogroll notes and accumulated marginalia

It’s been a while since doing any sort of round up. It’s not that I haven’t seen good stuff out there, I just haven’t gotten around to posting it. One thing I did get around to since moving the blog to the new server is to update the blogroll. Several blogs that seem to be terminal or on lengthy hiatus are gone and a couple new ones have been added.

As for marginalia, some of these may even border on being dated:

  • While Lazysphere is an excellent term, I must express a greater preference for Cory’s phrase: Deep Thinkers or Ratings Whores?.
  • SF Signal gives us a list of the 2008 Philip K. Dick Award nominees, (I’ve read one, Gradisil), and the preliminary nominees for the 2007 Nebula Awards.
  • JP at SF Signal also strikes a theme that’s appeared here, wondering if we live in a science fiction world. Likewise, a new SF blog uses this concept as a springboard to an interview with noted author Ken MacLeod about the increase in near-future SF.
  • Three Percent is keeping track of 2008 translations by month, something of increasing interest to me since most of the books I’ve read this year are works in translation.
  • Edward Champion has converted/abandoned The Return of the Reluctant blog to Filthy Habits, a site with “long-form entries on a wide range of topics.” (As an aside, evidently my vote wasn’t enough for him to get one of the open seats on the NBCC Board of Directors, although two people I voted for did.)
  • Coolness, at least for space geeks like me. (Via.)
  • Jason Kottke gives us a list of his best links of 2007.
  • Fine Books Blog has two fine posts (here and here) on “legal” issues surrounding Advance Reading Copies. While I don’t receive a ton of them, a significant number of those I receive are unsolicited and often works I would not/do not read. I’ve also never analyzed it from a legal standpoint but also have never sold online. Many do, though, end up at the local used bookstore. (Via.)
  • I’ve never been to Vegas or had the desire to go. But this (and Penn & Teller) could be incentive.

No matter how close to yours
Another’s steps have grown
In the end there is one dance you’ll do alone

“For A Dancer,” Jackson Browne, Late for the Sky

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