My (slowly thawing) thoughts exactly

The hectic nature of the last couple weeks combined with the frigid temperatures to turn my ambition to molasses. PP eliminated any doubt of that with a post last night that echoed exactly what I thought but was too lazy to research and write a post about. Simply summarized, it seems Argus Exec Editor Randell Beck has abandoned his prior position on blogs, as evidenced by the fact he’s started one. I can’t help but wonder, though, if instructions from farther up the chain of command led to Beck’s blog.

A couple other observations about the beta Argus blogs/site.

First, I’ve had no success trying to view the blogs themselves with Firefox. Certainly a serious design flaw given the ever increasing number of people like me who use that browser 99.8 percent of the time. Perhaps there is simply a problem with my Firefox browser or laptop (same problem is on my desktop at home too). If not, the Argus would be wise to examine this issue before the site goes out of its current beta.

Second, while anyone can apparently set up their own blog at the new site, I won’t be doing so. I’m happy to blog here but I’m not willing to give a corporate media behemoth a free blog. Perhaps it’s another example of cutting off one’s nose, but I guess I’m not that interested in visitor counts to try to generate traffic that way.

There must be some mistake
I didn’t mean to let them take away my soul

“The Show Must Go On,” Pink Floyd, The Wall

3 comments to My (slowly thawing) thoughts exactly

  • Bob

    Bullshit. PP publishes emails all the time, why wouldn’t you?

  • I went ahead and set up a blog. I figured, what the heck. But I don’t know you access anyone else’s blog there unless they are on the staff. There is no aggregator for posts like I see on other newspaper sites that have blogs. I guess you have really, really have to look hard. Kind of like that Dan Scott letter.

  • Tim

    Sorry, Bob, I guess I don’t understand what the question has to do with the post.