Weekend Edition: 1-3

Random Observations

Thanks to Todd Epp for bestowing a Lifetime Achievement Award on my blog. My only concern is that those types of awards usually go to people who have retired from their particular field or died.

Likewise, thanks to John at SF Signal for including my 2008 “best of” books post in their listings, despite the fact I didn’t name a favorite SF novel this year.

Both those come despite the fact recent posts involving language and suicide means that, at least as of the past couple days, the film rating of my blog is the dreaded NC-17.”. But at least I am at least 80 percent less verbose than the average blogger.

Bookish Linkage

Once again Minneapolis earns the title of America’s Most Literate City. This time, though, Seattle tied it for first, reclaiming a position it held before Minneapolis took first. St. Paul meanwhile moved from third to fourth place after being displaced by Washington, D.C.

Here’s an interesting “best of” list: Ten Must-Have Reference Books from 2008.

Nonbookish Linkage

My MinusCar friend clearly has the right attitude for the New Year.

Likewise, Edward Champion’s summary of 2008 and look ahead at 2009 is worth the time.

Add Nat Hentoff, the noted jazz and civil liberties (what a combination!) columnist, to the list of laid off journalists.

I wonder what Hentoff would say about “flying while brown.”

The power of blogs, chapter ??? The blog Puck Daddy actually made the list of the “100 People of Power and Influence” published by The Hockey News. Granted, it was number 100 but still….

Space porn.

Losing your mind is highly stressful.

Eleanor Cooney, Death in Slow Motion

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