Weekend Edition: 1-10

Random Observations

Kudos to Esquire magazine for picking Gerard Baker as the “headliner” from South Dakota when it sought “wisdom and advice” from someone in each state. Who is Gerard Baker? He is the first Native American superintendent of Mt. Rushmore National Memorial.

Further displaying my ignorance in economics, why is reduction in consumer debt a bad thing? Or are we just so locked into being a debt-based economy there’s no way to escape?

The Britannica Blog is starting a series on the 10 worst decisions by U.S. presidents. (Or if that’s not your style, there’s always the 10 worst popes of all time.)

Bookish Linkage

The fine folks at three percent now have a microsite devoted to the Best Translated Book 2008. I’ve actually read five of the 25 works on the longlist.

I guess this is one way to get your book published, although not one I would necessarily recommend.

The February Indie Next list is out.

Nonbookish Linkage

For some reason I don’t find this shocking: legal writing could be suffering because many law students “who use computers in the classroom do so to e-mail each other, surf the Web or play video games.”

I don’t want to brag (although I am) but I amazed myself by scoring 100% on this logical thinking test.

Space monsters?

Space porn.

Torturous advances won over generations can be lost by a single stroke of a myopic president’s pen or a vainglorious general’s sword.

David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

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