Friday Follies 2.3

When any state legislature meets, there’s some daft bills always appear. This week’s winner comes from Iowa, where first-term Rep. Jason Schultz has introduce legislation to make it an impeachable offense for a judge to use “judicial precedent, case law, penumbras, or international law as a basis for rulings.”

Canadian Supreme Court agrees that man who killed his in-laws was properly acquitted of murder on grounds of sleepwalking or, more technically, “non?insane automatism.” (Via.)

Should have known it. East Coaster metro areas not used to serious snowfall prompt the term “snow law.”

From jury duty to jail: a Texas juror was arrested after he “put a small bag of marijuana in the change tray before going through the metal detector at the entrance of the courthouse.” (Via.)

Some countries are seeing people shot and stabbed over bad karaoke. Personally, if karaoke is involved, I think it’s probably justifiable homicide.

Wouldn’t it be the best damn day
If we all took time to breathe

O.A.R., “Risen,” In Between Now and Then

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