Friday Follies 2.4 lists “Attorney/Judge” as the most dangerous driver by profession. And, it asks, “Why chase ambulances if you can bring them to you?” (Via.)

Stupid proposed state legislation of the week: A South Carolina legislator has introduced a bill to require the use of gold and silver coins as the legal tender of the state as opposed to federal currency. Or, as the legislator himself put it, to ban “the unconstitutional substitution of Federal Reserve Notes for silver and gold coin.”

This one strikes way too close to home: A law professor is scheduled to go on trial in France in June for criminal libel for a book review he wrote of a book on the International Criminal Court. (Via.)

Atlanta police arrested a 61-year-old woman for asking “why” when she was told to “move it” while standing outside a convenience store with friends.

No doubt this will contribute to ending the Nigerian spam emails.

…this is America. Everybody needs a lawyer.

Winchell (Matthew McCurley), North

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