Friday Follies 2.30

An Arizona attorney is being suspended because, among other things, she told a client the spirit of his deceased wife was “inside” her, allowing her to communicate the wife’s thoughts to him.

A Wisconsin man shot a hole in the floor of his house when he tried to shoot an alien he had seen in a movie. Wonder if it’s related to him telling police “he had been smoking pot since getting up that day”? (via)

I think the headline says it all: Broken Penises and the Law (As an aside, the name of the woman involved seems a tad ironic.)

A Connecticut doctor is suing Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, alleging, among other things, that the insurer refused to pay some of his patients’ bills because “it is possible that the [doctor] is dead.”

Ontario police have identified a suspect in a burglary in which the suspect broke into a rental home and held a garage sale, selling thousands of dollars worth of woodworking machinery and tools. (via)

A West Virginia school district is removing swing sets from its elementary school playgrounds for fear of litigation. (via)

“A Texas power company is not liable for the injuries suffered by a man who hit a power line while riding on top of a moving house.”

A Montana teen was arrested after inadvertently sending his text message seeking to buy pot to the county sheriff. (via)

Saddest item of the week: A homeless Oregon man who sneaked into a hot tub was arrested after calling 911 and saying he needed “a hug and a warm cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows in it.” (via)

The human mind is a delusion generator, not a window to truth.

Scott Adams, God’s Debris: A Thought Experiment

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