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  • Library book vandalism resulting from woman being banned from library leads to a month jail sentence. (via)
  • One of the authors castigated in the memoirs review I liked so much from last week’s NYTBR responds, calling it “a gross mischaracterization of my work and motivations.”
  • The Guardian looks back on the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything (“42”).
  • Award countdowns: Three Percent looks at each of the books on the longlist for the Best Translated Book Award while the National Book Critics Circle blog does the same for its awards finalists.
  • Seems appropriate. Britney Spears’ biography is going to be a comic book.
  • An interesting “literature” exchange: An atheist group at the University of Texas at San Antonio “is again offering to trade porn for bibles.”

I feel like a quote out of context

“Best Imitation of Myself,” Ben Folds Five

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