Close encounters of the turd kind

“Defecation and urination have been bothersome aspects of space travel from the beginning of manned space flight.”

This conspicuous observation opens the second chapter of a 1976 NASA report called Biomedical Results of Apollo, which summarized what was learned from biomedical research in the Apollo missions. The report reveals the rather primitive nature of “fecal […]

Reading in space

So, you’re going to spend a few months on the International Space Station and need a few diversions. Since you just can’t stroll to the nearest library or video store and even Amazon and Netflix don’t deliver there, you’ve got to hope it’s got some good entertainment on hand. Some idea of what’s available came […]

Moon loses some of its shine

Given developments in technology and other issues confronting the world, no one should probably be surprised. Yet considering the state of technoogy when it occurred, it’s a shame that even in the last decade the moon landing has lost some its shine.

According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, fewer people today list space […]

NASA’s big hangover

My guess is the headache medication hasn’t been dispensed this heavily in NASA’s HR and PR departments since Lisa Nowak’s adventures in February. These two stories — worker sabotages computer destined for International Space Station and employee embezzles $150,000 — are bad enough. This one, though, is horrendous. A panel reviewing astronaut health issues as […]

Space links

I wanted to mention a couple of neat space-related links I stumbled across over the last couple days.

One site features the sounds of space while another part of the site has recordings from various space missions. (Via Amy on the Web.). I’ve heard a CD of space sounds before but am not sure if […]