My life as a book title – 2010

I did this meme on my birthday last year and since it’s been revamped for 2010, I thought I might do it this day each year it’s around. Basically, you just complete the sentence with a title of a book you’ve read during the current year. Here’s this year’s story/summary of my life (although I’m […]

Booking Through Thursday: Disappointment

Name a book or author that you truly wanted to love but left you disappointed. (And, of course, explain why.)

Sadly, there are a number, more so specific books than authors. For whatever reason, though, the one that comes immediately to mind is Norman Mailer’s The Castle in the Forest.

In naming it my […]

Booking Through Thursday: Reading the reviews

Do you read book reviews? Do you let them change your mind about reading/not reading a particular book?

I’ve subscribed to the NYT Book Review for a number of years and, off and on, a variety of other book review (Bookforum) and book-oriented (The Believer) publications. And, of course, I have a number of […]

Musing Mondays: Location, location, location

Where is your most often used (favorite) reading spot? Do you have more than one? What makes your favorite spot just that?

All things considered, my favorite spot is probably out on the deck of our house. Now, granted, it is far from a prime (or even desirable) location in the winter. But spring, […]

Booking Through Thursday: Bedside

What books do you have next to your bed right now? How about other places in the house? What are you reading?

This item comes late today because the answer isn’t that easy. It’s more a matter of numbers. My bed not onlyhas two small headboard shelves, there’s a small bookcase next to it. […]