Even I don’t get this worked up about Springsteen

“A woman snapped and stabbed her partner to death after he objected to her listening to Bruce Springsteen music, a court has been told.”

Perhaps the fact my wife and I are heading to two Springsteen concerts this weekend made me a bit more attentive to that news article. Fortunately, though, it wasn’t my wife […]

Happy happy joy joy III (and Ticketmaster still sucks)

The last couple days convinced me it was karma that my middle daughter ended up going to college in Nebraska. For reasons detailed below, it looked liked there might a temporary blackout here in today’s on sale for Springsteen’s March 14 appearance in Omaha. Figuring a town in Nebraska wouldn’t be subject to the blackout, […]

Happy happy joy joy II

The last time this post title appeared it was because I had tickets to a Springsteen solo performance at Northrup Auditorium in Minneapolis. Today, it is because I got two good lower level seats to Bruce and the E Street Band in St. Paul on March 16.

That’s right. Immediately after last Friday’s concert at […]

The magic of Bruce Springsteen

On the cusp of the release of Bruce Springsteen’s latest, Magic, I’m not ready to declare it a classic or a masterpiece. It has a few moments that are a bit too predictable, almost somewhat formula. But repeated listening, bolstered by seeing a recording of the performances on The Today Show this past Friday, reinforces […]

Some early Magic

I heard the music (a couple times) hours before I heard the news. Magic, the Springsteen and the E Street Band album set for release Oct. 2, has leaked onto the internet.

At first listen, my reaction amounted to, “It’s okay.” I was more favorably impressed with each subsequent listen and I even began considering […]

BRUUUCCE tour announced

The news e-mail from the wonderful Backstreets was my first word the long-rumored E Street tour has been announced. St. Paul is Friday, Nov. 2. Based on what I considered fairly reliable info a week or so ago, I already have reservations at the Holiday Inn across the street from the Xcel that night. After […]