Thoroughly modern males?

Wondering what makes a modern man?’ I can’t say I was but Thursday I stumbled across a link to The 2009 Great Male Survey that conducted with about 50,000 of its readers I’m not sure how definitive or valid the survey is but it asked a wide range of questions and had responses not […]

A nation of televisions

We continue to be outnumbered — and it’s not getting better. Rather, the gap between the number of television sets in American households and the number of people in those households continues to grow.

At least that’s what the latest Nielsen Television Audience sruvey says. The average American home has 2.86 TV sets, about […]

The near obligatory Michael Jackson post

Never a big fan of MJ myself, his death again shows our culture in all its glory. A few examples:

C’mon, Michael, aren’t you carrying this stunt a bit too far? Of course, the news almost brought that interweb thingy and Twitter to their knees. You know even you wondered about this: A legal scramble […]

Arts attendance declines — again and even more

It’s another of those news items supporters of arts and literature dread. “American audiences for the arts are getting older, and their numbers are declining,” according to a new report from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Although one in three adults reported visiting an art museum or gallery or attending at least one performing […]

A bailout that rests in our own hands

Chris Hedges has never been known to pull punches or really sugarcoat his view of things. In fact, he engages in equal opportunity critique, as evidenced by a couple of his books, When Atheism Becomes Religion: America’s New Fundamentalists (originally titled I Don’t Believe in Atheists) and American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War […]

Are we seeing the devolution of the written word?

It’s the latest ubiquitous story topic throughout dead tree and electronic media and THE thing everybody absolutely must use or be left in the dust. “Tweeeting” on Twitter.

I don’t — and won’t — “tweet.” While I know it’s ill-advised to be critical of something you’ve never used, I simply fail to see how my […]