A personal challenge to read the world

I gave up on book challenges a year or so ago. Part of it stemmed from the fact that, as I’ve said earlier this year, I want to read what I want to read when I feel like reading it. While I still let a few book reviews impact that, I’ve stuck pretty close to […]

Looking ahead to a new reading year

My year-end list and recaps will be coming at, you guessed it, year end. I have, though, been pondering 2011 in reading and have decided upon a (overused) motto — less is more. No, I don’t mean anything foolish like borrowing, buying or reading fewer books. Instead, it’s a reduction in what I call the […]

Mid-year reading report card

As usual, my reading personality is split this year. By the end of June, I’d read 52 books this year, 25 fiction and 27 nonfiction.

Of the fiction, nearly half (12) were works in translation with French and Spanish accounting for three each. Of the nonfiction books, 10 were history (if you include recent […]

Reading challenge flops on the horizon

It looks like my reading challenge efforts are more than a little weak this year. If you take a gander at the list of them to the right, there’s two I’ve done nothing toward. And the others aren’t get much better.

In one — a challenge I came up with — I’ve only read one […]

A Books of the Century reading challenge

I was so intrigued by Daniel Immerwahr’s creation, The Books of the Century website, that I decided to launch a reading challenge based on it.

Immerwhar has compiled a list for each year of the 20th Century based on

The top ten bestsellers in fiction, as recorded by Publishers Weekly; The top ten bestsellers in […]