Kerry v. The Deserter

I’m not quite sure where I’m at on Kerry. My preference would be the impossible dream of Kucinich and I tend to favor Dean because he’s been outspoken on and against the Iraq war from the outset. Still, I see some outfit called Vietnam Veterans Agasint John Kerry (to which I refuse to link) is […]

Ted Takes After ‘Em

Meant to post this before but it kind of slipped by (like too many other things). Ted Rall nailed it Saturday in commenting on David Kay’s interview with Reuters regarding the fact there are no WMD. An excerpt:

[A]ll of the statements about WMDs–they have them, we know they have them, we even know where […]

Bizarro White House

David Kay, the man Bush trusted to look for Iraq’s WMD: “I don’t think they existed.” “[W]e found the weapons do not exist.”

Charles Duelfer, Kay’s replacement selected by the CIA: “I think the reason that they haven’t found them is they’re probably not there.”

Colin Powell, Secretary of State: It’s an “open question” if […]

The winner for Best Department of Homeland Security

has got to be the Planet Mars. Within the last month, it snatched up Beagle 2 and now it looks like NASA’s Rover has become a victim. Mars is batting close to .700 over the last 33 years keeping those Earth terrorists out of its homeland.

It never ends

I have a habit of listening to NPR on my Walkman most mornings as I doze a bit before finally getting my carcass out of bed. I thought maybe I was dreaming when I heard what Dick Cheney was saying in an interview on Morning Edition. Of course, I expected the goofy spin that Saddam […]