The detention decisions

Of course, the decisions in the enemy combatant cases came down while I was out of town. I can’t really improve on the analysis and summaries that appear at, among others, Scrivener’s Error or SCOTUSblog. And Elaine Cassel has an interesting take at her civil liberties blog.

I was struck by Justice Stevens’ dissent in […]

Blistering Bush and crew

Manuel Valenzuela, a contributing editor at Axis of Logic, has never been shy in putting it to the Bushies and their policies. His latest piece, The War of Error, is blistering. An edited summary of his explanation of the beginnings of that war:

The so-called “war on terror” was lost the moment George W. […]

Farenheit 9-11

I just came from seeing this film and YOU MUST SEE IT.

Sure, me seeing the movie is like the converted listening to another sermon. And there’s no doubt it is one-sided and slanted. Even I thought of responses to some of the statements Michael Moore makes. Yet the last 30 or so minutes […]

The Cheney decision

Scrivener’s Error has an excellent and accurate analysis of the Supreme Court’s decision Thursday in the case involving the energy task force chaired by Cheney. Simply summarized, it was a case where “important constitutional questions . . . will go unanswered because the trial attorneys made three pretty basic errors in procedures.” (Via

Nonlawyers […]

The other countdown to June 30

Eyes are focused on the transition to Iraqi authority on June 30. That date has additional significance for the nation and perhaps the election.

Traditionally, the U.S. Supreme Court goes into recess June 30 and tries to issue opinions in submitted cases by then. As of this posting, 12 cases remain for decision. Three directly […]