If this isn’t political, what is?

A national conservative publication reported Friday that Bishop Robert Carlson of the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls will publish a column Monday indicating Catholics commit a mortal sin if they vote for supposedly pro-choice candidates. What purports to be an “Exclusive Advance Copy” is reprinted in full in the magazine. If it is accurate, Bishop […]

The Argus-Leader’s self-inflicted wounds

You don’t need to look to guess the right and pro-Thune people are crying “bias” over this morning’s Argus-Leader article headlined “Debates may not sway election.” The headline is one more example of the Argus setting itself up for this type of criticism.

Quoting an SDSU poli sci professor, the thrust of the story was […]

Worth the time

Paul Krugman on the trivialization of political news coverage. (John Stewart also gave a perfect example on Thursday’s The Daily Show as he skewered the media’s treatment of Al Sharpton’s speech using the media itself.) Juan Cole’s Informed Comment is one of several blogs for which I receive RSS feeds. Every day I become […]

Playing politics with terrorism

Rather than repeat what has already been said, I will just point you to The Progress Report, Josh Marshall and The War in Context.

Today’s Warren Commission?

For some reason, while driving home today I was thinking about the fact the 9-11 Commission’s report is a bestseller.  I thought of an Associated Press-published version of the Warren Report my parents bought when I was a kid that is now on my bookshelves.  What are the chances the 9-11 Commission will become the Warren Commission of this […]