Jumping the shark?

This was originally going to be a somewhat theoretical post about blogs but a comment on Liberal Oasis and a discussion about an upcoming news article led to a variation — have political blogs jumped the shark?

For those unfamiliar with the term, jumping the shark occurs at the point where a television show/event/personality began an […]

Cage match on Fox

Michael Moore v. Bill O’Reilly.  Sadly, this is probably a highly accurate reflection of the state of political discourse in the US today.

Odds and ends

As a follow-up to the post about the various rock artists evidently uniting against Bush, Juan Cole has a fine assessment of something that may disappoint them. It appears neither Kerry-Edwards nor the Dems as a whole are going to attack Bush on the Iraq war. Steve Chapman at Slate takes a look at […]

Hitler as blogger follow-up

Randell Beck tries to explain but does not do it well.

Hitler as a blogger

Anyone who reads this knows how much I disagree with the circle jerk bloggers and their fellow travelers. They are correct, though, in calling Randell Beck of the Argus Leader to task for comments he made in announcing an Argus Leader political blog in his weekly editorial column. What they found most offensive was the […]