Daring the Argus to walk the walk

Hats off to state Rep. Tom Hennies of Rapid City for pointing out the weak spot in the Argus Leader’s stance on the smoking ban legislation.

Today’s Argus editorial chastised the House for tabling a bill that would have banned smoking everywhere but in private homes and designated hotel and motel rooms. As this is […]

Janklow conviction affirmed

For those of you who may be interested, the South Dakota Supreme Court today unanimously affirmed former Gov. Bill Janklow’s manslaughter conviction.

HST follow-up

In all the homage to Hunter S. Thompson, one stands out in my mind and, to my surprise, it is from the MTV web site.

Kurt Loder points out that underneath the gonzo sideshow of drugs and drink lurked a solid journalist. You could find the distinction among those of us in journalism at the […]

SD blog observations

If you haven’t seem them already, here’s a couple items that are worth the time:

While I think the “Gannon” controversy is pushing the envelope of a legitimate lifepsan, here’s a more historical analysis where ethically challenged is a kind description. (Via Dakota Today).

Hats off to Trent for taking a closer look at […]

The King is Dead

Hunter Thompson, king of “gonzo journalism,” is dead, reportedly of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

I’ve blogged before about how Hunter, one of my heroes in the 1970s, remained relevant. His Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72 ranks among the best pieces of campaign reportage ever.

While Tom Wolfe was recognized as a […]