A crowning blow?

I had been contemplating a post in light of the local daily’s stories last Sunday about the amount of consumer debt in the US. But what’s happening in New Orleans and the areas struck by the hurricane makes me wonder just what that event will mean to America’s financial stability.

For years I have wondered […]

Riffs, marginalia and dicta

The NYT examines (registration required…or BugMeNot) the forthcoming Dylan documentary by Martin Scorsese (to be aired on PBS a week after its release on DVD) and the just-released related soundtrack. The Guardian explores the forthcoming Bruce Springsteen symposium at Monmouth University. The WaPo takes a look at the various aspects of Amazon’s “Search Inside This […]

JAILers display their lack of understanding

Whether as part of their campaign or coincidence, the backers of the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (“JAIL”) measure made it into Dave Kranz’s Sunday column and launched a web site. As for the latter, this “blog buffoon” thanks the JAILers for the traffic they’ve sent this way by their comment on my prior post on […]

UM’s Digital Audio Initiative

The University of Minnesota has started a digital audio initiative. Among other things, it is used to distribute independent and distance learning material in audio format. Some of the initial course offerings available include several writing and literature courses, including a survey of science fiction and fantasy and a course on “literary aspects of journalism.” […]

What’s in a name?

When it comes to rock musicians it sometimes seems that a band name takes precedence over long-time friendships. We’ve all seen plenty of the ersatz classic rock band where somebody owns the name and happens to be the only former member of the group touring under that name. As the Woodstock generation ages, the corporate […]