More dicta

Gee, why aren’t I surprised? Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, claims she has never read a book in her life. Now this is cool. It allows you to see the Earth from a variety of satellites, including not only scientific ones but those used by DirecTV and the Sirius and XM satellite radio networks. You […]

London police: Oops, my bad

Remember the Brazilian man mistakenly shot in the head seven times by London police last month? Well, it seems the initial reports were wrong. He was not wearing a bulky coat but a denim jacket. He did not refuse to stop when challenged. He did not leap over the turnstiles to enter the station but […]

Obiter dicta

I know I’m probably a relic but I still — and probably always will — sleep on a waterbed. Well, do you know how gorram hard it is to find a waterbed mattress these days?!?! The store where I last bought one now only will order one for you. Hell, if I wanted to order […]

Some (small) common ground

Sometimes it’s interesting where you find items of common ground.

After receiving a nice e-mail last weekend from Joel Rosenthal about a recent post, I took a closer look at his blog, Straight Talk. I knew it was there but hadn’t paid much attention. You see, there probably isn’t a lot on which he and […]

Book marginalia

From today’s NYT headlines e-mail: “Publishers are issuing new paperbacks in a bigger size for baby boomers who are finding it harder and harder to read small type.” Story here. (If prompted for user name and password, head over to BugMeNot). Google’s blog announces it has temporarily suspended scanning any in-copyright books into Google Print. […]

My podcast rant

A brief discussion today on SD Public Radio‘s Computer Guys call-in show brings this about. That’s because one of the guys on the program voiced exactly what I’ve been thinking.

Everyone is going on and on about “podcasts” and “podcasting.” The fact of the matter is this is nothing more than downloading an mp3 file. […]