The initiative “author” who can’t read or understand what he wrote

South Dakota’s J.A.I.L.ers have released their letter to Attorney General Larry Long asking him to rewrite his ballot explanation for the measure. The letter is so full of varying doses of sarcasm, nonsense and extremist stream of consciousness that it will take several posts to address. Let me first give a hint to the J.A.I.L.ers: […]

SF marginalia

Not really being that dumb, Big Dumb Object discovers some “cybercasts” of SF authors (and others) from the 2004 Library of Congress National Book Festival. Wikipedia lists the current selections for SF Masterworks. (Also via Big Dumb Object.) Thanks in part to a fairly heavy dosage of Philip K. Dick, I’ve read about half of […]

Bad luck streak in concert scheduling

With apologies to Warren Zevon for the title, today’s local daily confirmed I’m on a bad streak.

First, I learn the Red Willow Band is playing in the Great Hall on September 16. Then, the daily announces Bob Dylan is returning to Sioux Falls Stadium on September 8. All though both are within days of […]

Book Review: Glasshouse by Charles Stross

Although his writing covers everything from cyberpunk to space opera to alternate history and fantasy, Charlie Stross is, for good or bad, viewed as one of the leading SF authors exploring the Singularity. Fans of that aspect of his writing will be pleased to know that his latest novel, Glasshouse, continues delving into the Singularity. […]

Banning books

Although it’s still two months away, recent news stories reflect the importance of Banned Books Week, scheduled the last week of September. The handbook for the event includes both a list of banned and challenged books and the stories behind some of this year’s efforts.

Here’s some of the books appearing in the latter:

Maya […]