Ignorance or compulsion?

South Dakota Bill Stegmeier says he wrote the Attorney General and asked for changes in the ballot explanation the AG’s office wrote. Of course, all the article establishes is that BS either is wholly ignorant of the amendment he supposedly authored or just has a compulsion to keep telling the same lies about it […]

Assorted marginalia

In part due to catching up on items from over the weekend, a sooner than usual installment of marginalia:

I’d seen this a while ago but it’s certainly advanced since. Go play with the literature map. (Via So Many Books). Everybody wants a free t-shirt, right? So, go see my friend MinusCar, contribute 300 words […]

Apparent trouble in = More lies

Seems like there may be more dissension in On Friday, the South Dakota J.A.I.L.ers added to the bottom of each page of their web site: “NOTE: This is the only official website for South Dakota Amendment E.” (Bold in original). It then links to a disclaimer that states in part:

This is the only […]

Thanks John

Usually, it’s the political items that bring visitors to this piece of the blogosphere’s backwoods. Never, however, underestimate the power of science fiction.

John Scalzi posted a one word link (“these”) on his blog of my review of his Hugo-nominated Old Man’s War. Within less than six hours, my blog received as many hits as […]

Book Review: Old Man’s War (2005)

Because or maybe in spite of the number of books I read, it is a far too rare experience for one to grab me with opening paragraph. John Scalzi‘s debut novel and Hugo Award nominated Old Man’s War did just that.

The opening? “I did two things on my seventy-fifth birthday. I visited my wife’s […]