Throwing rocks whenever a light shines on them

Isn’t it interesting how the J.A.I.L.ers are driven to fits when someone shines a light on them? Bill Stegmeier did so when his political views were revealed and the same was true of Jake Hanes. J.A.I.L. “publicist” Bonnie Russell is the latest to get a little sensitive when someone shines a light on what she’s up to.

Following posts at South Dakota War College and here about Russell trying to make money via her Amendment E site and potential failure to comply with South Dakota’s campaign finance laws, she revised the pages on that site. Among other things, it now says: “Ask bloggers against Amendment E which PACs created either from State Bar meetings or big business co-ops is [sic] paying for their blogging product.”

Be more than happy to answer that for you and anyone else, Bonnie. I don’t get a cent from anybody for anything I write on this blog.

Okay, I do have links to Amazon and get a little “spiff” if somebody buys something. Little is an understatement. My earnings this year total the princely sum of $3.64. Guess it will be a while before I can get that condo near Kona.

The only other potential “payment” is that some of the books and other material I review I get free from the publisher, PR firm or what have you. As some authors and publishers are aware, there’s certainly no quid pro quo.

I can unequivocally state that not one cent ever has or will come from any PAC, organization, person, entity or anything associated with the opposition to Amendment E, the State Bar, any big bad corporation, trade or industry association or any political campaign or candidate. It was true 19 months ago and remains true today. In fact, Amendment E opponents got money from me. If you look at the campaign finance report filed by the No on E Committee (you know, the required report Russell’s “South Dakotan’s [sic] for Amendment E” hasn’t filed), you’ll find my $200 contribution. And, for what it’s worth, I hold no position with that or any other political or campaign organization or the State Bar, other than my required membership in the latter.

Maybe Russell also hasn’t noticed this blog is on Blogger and was for more than two years before J.A.I.L. even filed its petitions. Why? Because Blogger is free and this blog had nothing to do with J.A.I.L. until it invaded this state. This blog also has no ads. Some of us hold and express our opinions because we truly believe them, not because we’re paid by someone to do so. In contrast, we can’t tell how much Russell has been paid by the South Dakota J.A.I.L.ers or anyone else for her “support” of Amendment E.

And just ’cause it’s the kind of guy I am, I’m going to give Russell a bonus and answer one more of her new questions. “Ask why Bloggers [sic] don’t mention school boards, city councils and others aren’t an issues [sic] as all are Routinely [sic] sued, both in South Dakota and throughout the nation,” she says. I’m sorry she missed my posts nearly three months ago where I addressed this canard. Once again, Russell is too busy blowing smoke and talking about everything but the issues to concern herself with the truth.

UPDATE: That light must really hurt.

Nothing is more terrible than ignorance in action.

Wolfgang von Goethe

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