Political marginalia

Maybe it’s just proof of comparably bent minds, but I’m happy to see someone else had the very thought I did when I heard about Alberto Gonazles’ resignation. I cannot comment on Tim Johnson’s appearance or medical status, since I did not attend Tuesday’s rally and did not watch the Nightline program. That said, […]

BRUUUCCE tour announced

The news e-mail from the wonderful Backstreets was my first word the long-rumored E Street tour has been announced. St. Paul is Friday, Nov. 2. Based on what I considered fairly reliable info a week or so ago, I already have reservations at the Holiday Inn across the street from the Xcel that night. After […]

Book Review: The Last Summer of Reason by Tahar Djaout

So often it’s cast as “us against them,” a battle of cultures, West versus East, or even a “crusade,” with all its loaded implications. For several reasons, Tahar Djaout’s novel The Last Summer of Reason demonstrates the error of using such thinking when it comes to radical Islamists. In fact, it shows that the impact […]

Sunday marginalia

We can only hope that a now-pulled post on a neocon website urging Bush to assume the role of “President-for-Life” was satire or the work of hackers. (Via.) Denise Ross points out that in part due to her recent vote on the government’s warrantless surveillance powers (discussed in a post earlier this week), has […]

Get over it

This was initially simply an item amidst some forthcoming marginalia but the more I read, the more exasperated and offended I became.

David Newquist expresses the reaction I had on picking up the paper this morning and then catching up the whining, dismay and concern in the SD blogosphere (where the number of posts indicates […]