Leap day marginalia

Hopefully, the improving weather will also improve the attitude a variety of minor annoyances has created. At least I have an extra day to invoke one of my mantras: “get over it.” In the interi, largely award-related linkage.

The shortlist for The Independent Foreign Fiction Prize has been announced. (Via.) Likewise, the (longer) list of […]

An avocation’s disheartening end

My youngest daughter has been a competitive swimmer for at least 10 of her 16+ years on this planet. It is coming to a rather sorrowful end.

To fully understand, you have to realize this is a kid who would rather swim than eat. And when I say swim, I don’t mean it in the […]

Book Review: Dreamers of the Day by Mary Doria Russell

It’s difficult for history to serve as a guide when so many people tend or prefer to be oblivious of it. Whether overcoming that tendency motivates Mary Doria Russell’s Dreamers of the Day is unclear. Regardless, her novel may well teach more people some basics about the origins of the modern Middle East than […]

De-icing marginalia

As noted in the last post, the cold weather has left little or no inspiration. Even the title of the book I am currently reading is coincidence, not by design. Thus, I cop out with recent marginalia.

Although the lack of ambition includes reduced devotion to reading, I came across another book challenge I might […]

My (slowly thawing) thoughts exactly

The hectic nature of the last couple weeks combined with the frigid temperatures to turn my ambition to molasses. PP eliminated any doubt of that with a post last night that echoed exactly what I thought but was too lazy to research and write a post about. Simply summarized, it seems Argus Exec Editor Randell […]