Are they so deadly I should eschew them completely?

Prompting a bit of attention in the book blogosphere this week is a NY Times blog post on the Seven Deadly Words of Book Reviewing. At first glance, I thought it unlikely I had sinned by using the words (poignant, compelling, intriguing, eschew, craft, muse, lyrical). When I checked, though, I have committed a few […]

We interrupt this blog for serious horn tooting

I don’t normally blog from work but this morning’s mail contained a decision from the state Supreme Court on what is probably the biggest case I’ve argued there. The Court ruled in our favor, finding the state’s current tax on insurance premiums constitutional. Why is that important? The premium tax brings in $50 to $60 […]

It’s always something

I planned on getting some posting done this week, starting after I got home from work Monday night. So, I turned on the desktop PC and….. nothing. It would not boot up.

Long story short, it is now in the shop in the hopes that at least some data on the hard drive is recoverable. […]

March madness – SF award style

Catching up from my travels, I see a variety of SF-related book award news.

First, the Hugo Award finalists were announced. I’ve actually read four of the five finalists for best novel: Brasyl by Ian McDonald, Rollback by Robert J. Sawyer, The Last Colony by John Scalzi and Halting State by Charles Stross. The only […]

Turning points

A couple years ago I read a blog post somewhere about looking back on points in your life and wondering if or how things may have turned out different had you made a different choice. As we think about it, it’s amazing how seemingly insignificant some of the decisions appear at the time. For example, […]